Welcome to the Mental Champion Academy, where I hope to impart and share my knowledge with you on how to unleash the most powerful tool in your arsenal to change your life.... the mind.

Learn from my own lessons in life as a serial entrepreneur, fighting obesity to lose half my weight to becoming an Ironman All World Athlete and coach all within the span of one year when everyone around me doubted me. 

Recipients of my course come from all walks of life, busy executives, athletes, students and youths who simply wish to break themselves loose from the chains that constrict them. 

It has always been my greatest wish to help others and the MCA is my way of giving back to the community by showing that we are what we will ourselves to become. 

[Updated 17th May 2017]

With new realisation comes new impetus for action. After discovering that I have ADHD, Tourette's and Aspergers, my mission has changed somewhat. It is now my mission to race and train in order to raise awareness for these conditions and to shed more light, raise funds as well as create a meaningful environment for my fellow peers around the world who are blessed with these conditions. 

Join me on my journey today.